NCS/RFQ/CRAN-3/2023 Provision of Catering Services to CRANDownload now
SC/RP/CRAN-10/2022 Provision of Consultancy Services: Architecture Services for the Planning, Architectural and Engineering Design and Cost Estimate for the Construction of the CRAN Head Office BuildingDownload now
G/OIB/CRAN-01/2022 Supply, Delivery, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Spectrum Monitoring and Direction Finding EquipmentDownload now
G/RFQ/CRAN-08/2022 Provision of IT Hardware for CRAN Download now
G/RFQ/CRAN-10/2022 Provision of IT Hardware for CRAN Download now
NCS/RFQ/CRAN-5/2022 Provision of Training ServicesDownload now
G/RFQ/CRAN-07/2022 Supply and Delivery of IT Hardware and Software and Related ItemsDownload now
G/RFQ/CRAN-6/2022 Provision of Goods: Office Refreshments for CRANDownload now
NCS/RFQ/CRAN-14/2021-2022 Provision of Services: Fumigation of all CRAN Office FacilitiesDownload now
NCS/RFQ/CRAN-02/2022-2023Request for Design and Layout, Proof Reading, Language and Grammar Editing of Cranicles Newsletter and Drafting of Feature ArticlesDownload now
NCS/ONB/CRAN-01/2022Provision of Communications, Marketing and Advertising Services for the National SIM Registration Awareness CampaignDownload now
G/RFQ/CRAN-15/2021-2022Supply, Installation and Commissioning of IT SoftwareDownload now
NCS/RFQ/CRAN-22/2021-2022Provision of Venue Hire and Catering ServicesDownload now
NCS/RFQ/CRAN-4/2022Provision of Catering Services: CRAN Board MeetingDownload now
G/RFQ/CRAN-5/2022Supply and Delivery of IT HardwareDownload now
G/RFQ/CRAN-11/2022Supply and delivery of Corporate ItemsDownload now
G/ONB/CRAN-1/2022Supply, Delivery and Implementation of a Hybrid Microsoft Sharepoint Solution at the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia SystemDownload now
NCS/ONB/CRAN-3/2022Provision of Services to Support CRAN Wide Area Network (WAN), Webhosting, Storage Area Network (SAN) Infrastructure and TelephoneDownload now
G/RFQ/CRAN-3/2023Supply and Delivery of Office SuppliesDownload now
NCS/RFQ/CRAN-05/2023Provision of Office Fumigation Services to CRANDownload now
G/RFQ/CRAN-06/2023Supply and Delivery of Hand Sanitizers and Disposable Face MasksDownload now
G/RFQ/CRAN-02/2023Supply and Delivery of StationaryDownload now
G/RFQ/CRAN-08/2023Supply and Delivery of IT HardwareDownload now